Communication and Public Speech Forum

About Forum

Department of English forms Communication Skills and Public Speech Forum (CSPSF) with an intention to give the platform to the students to develop their communication skills, soft skills, personality. The proposed activates of Department of English are managed by the office bearers of this forum.

Aims and Objectives of the Forum:
1) To provide the platform to the students to develop their commination skills.
2) To give exposure to English Language spoken day-to-day- life. And help the students to communicate effectively and appropriately in real life situation.
3) To boost the team working ability of the students and to develop their interpersonal skills which integrate the use of the four basic language skills- Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing.
4) To revise & reinforce structure already learnt and to deliver an effective oral presentation, to use grammatical structures appropriately.
5) To produce appropriate vocabulary, to use communication strategies to participate in group & class discussion.

Office Bearers of the Forum:
Every year Department of English appoints some active and interested students as the President, Vice-President, Secretory, Joint-Secretory, Members and Volunteers to manage the activities planned to nurture the students’ ability to communicate.

Procedure for appointing the office bearers of the forum:
1) Notice is circulated to all the students to identify the interested students to join the forum.
2) We conduct an interactive session in which students are asked to express their opinions and based on their performance and interest we appoint them as the office bearers.